Hundreds of thousands of customers, tens of thousands of

representatives and more than $100 million in sales.

Who is Asos?

A Kurdish boy, Asos came to the Netherlands with his parents at the age of 8.  After living in a refugee shelter for a short time, he ended up in Groningen, a small Dutch town. After a difficult childhood, he started his business at the age of 19. Without any diplomas, driving license and with little knowledge of the Dutch language. In the first few years, this was anything but a success. It seemed an outright flop. However, he compensated for everything he lacked in skill with leadership. Eventually, the tides turned. He created a highly successful sales and marketing organization. Tens of thousands of sales representatives in 20 countries and on 4 continents joined his team, who together made hundreds of thousands of customers for well-known international energy and telecom companies.

What makes Asos the High Performance expert?

Asos' distinctiveness lies in its ability to move people to do what they previously thought impossible or dared not do. In other words, breaking patterns that at first seemed impossible. Habits, structures and very clear approaches that create a Breakthrough. Asos has managed to help people from all over the world in the last 20 years. Asos found out early on that people can change themselves provided they are given the right tools. Building sales teams that sold energy and telecom services was his core business. But because he managed to get the most out of people, his business grew much faster than that of many competitors. He eventually successfully retired from his sales organization in 2018. 

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