The definition of insanity is to keep

doing the same thing and

expecting different results.

Go for a high performance lifestyle and reach your goals

20 years of experience.

Repetition is reputation

20 countries

People from 20 countries and 4 continents. Forming a wide spectrum of cultures and societal backgrounds. The methodology is proven worldwide.

$100 million+ turnover

My philosophy is: walk the talk. There are so many self-ascribed experts out there with false promises and zero experience. I believe in practicing successfully first and then preaching.

Guiding people to a high performance lifestyle

Accountability is necessary for The Breakthrough you are looking for. We work with people who are ready for the next step. Most likely, you have already achieved a few things. But you know there is more; that you’re capable of more. You also know that it’s challenging to reach the next step by yourself. We offer intensive guidance to help you do what you can't manage on your own. We have built an impressive track record of people turning their life around. However, we are selective about who we work with.

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Learn from home how you can:

  • Reach the next level in your life;
  • Achieve your goals in a sustainable way (not at the expense of your loved ones or health);
  • Use a system to turn your wants and wishes into actionable to do’s;
  • Avoid the most common mistakes;
  • Implement "high performance" habits, making you more productive.

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The impact we have

"Because of Asos's methodology I have found a new way of life".
Jamie van Duin - Entrepreneur
"Because of Asos my life turned a 180 degrees. I started to work for myself. I travel the world and learn a lot".
Rinske Masselman - NLP Coach
"The work method and coaching of Asos has made a fundamental impact on the rest of my career".
Rutney Sluis - Public Speaker & Entrepreneur.

What do we believe?

Doing too many things means, in practice, doing nothing really well. Less is more. Sustainable behavioral change comes from small and simple steps. So take it one step at a time. 

Growth is uncomfortable. We believe that a happy, healthy and productive life requires hard work. You cannot always do what you enjoy and sometimes you won’t enjoy doing what needs to be done. 

We address the leader in you, not the sufferer. There is no room for victimization here. What happened in the past must have been intense, but you have to move on. We know exactly what you need to do to get to the next level. We are ready. Are you? 

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.